About Sri Saibaba Mandir, Chaska, MN



Shirdi Saibaba Prayer Center, also known as Sri Saibaba Mandir is a non-profit organization established as a center for prayers, worship, celebrating and sharing the life and message of Saibaba of Shirdi. The purpose of Sri Saibaba Mandir is to facilitate: 

Sri Saibaba Mandir is a non-sectarian place of worship of Saibaba of Shirdi, open to anyone that is interested in sharing and learning about Sri Saibaba of Shirdi

The Mandir is open everyday for darshan. Regular activities include Shri Saibaba arathis, Sri Satcharitha parayan, Sai naama jap, Sri Satya vrata, Sai Sahasranama havan, Saibaba satsangs, bhajans and kirtans. Over the past years, artists that visited Minneapolis and performed Sai bhajans include Shri Ajit Kadkade, Shri Manhar Udhas, Smt. Mangala Apte, and Shri Shiva Chandra, who performed Sri Saibaba Nritya Arathi in 2009.

By Sri Saibaba’s grace and blessings, Shri Saibaba Mandir, Chaska, Minnesota had developed into a thriving place of Sri Saibaba worship bustling with activities for devotees of Minnesota as well as for those traveling from neighboring states of Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota

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A committee made up of devotees, with the help of the priests and other volunteers, manages day to day activities of the Mandir.

The committee is open to everyone and by Sri Saibaba’s grace and presence the committees so far have been formed by consensus and unity and not by voting, and members take up specific functions in support of the regular services at the Mandir.

The Mandir has a website www.saibabamn.org and publishes a weekly electronic newsletter, to share Sri Saibaba's message, devotees' experiences, and other reading material on Shri Saibaba.