Devotee Signups

Shirdi Saibaba Mandir invites devotees to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and important events by sponsoring Prasad(Thursday/Saturday/Sunday), Community Feeding from the Saibaba Soup Kitchen and Fresh Flower Garlands on Thursdays/Sundays. Devotees are also invited to signup for Poojas at the Mandir.

Thursday/Saturday/Sunday Prasad Sponsorship

1. Devotees are invited to sponsor Prasad on Thursday evenings and Saturday/Sunday Lunch with a donation of $251. The Mandir allows 4 sponsors each on Thursdays and  2 sponsors each on Saturdays/ Sundays.
2. The food has to be prepared/cooked in the Mandir's kitchen. Mandir volunteers will prepare food on Thursdays. On Saturday/Sunday, food preparation starts at 9:00 AM . Sponsors are requested to join in food preparation, serving and cleaning up kitchen/dining areas.
3. Optionally for Saturday/Sundays, if you want the Mandir to prepare the food, please do let us know.


Thursday Signup

Saturday/Sunday Signup

Pay Online

Saibaba Soup Kitchen
Thursdays & Sundays


Saibaba Soup Kitchen is a Saibaba Mandir's initiative to feed the needy in the Twin cities communities. Every Thursday and Sunday evening, a group of volunteers have been preparing food for this purpose since 2020 Anniversary of Shirdi Saibaba's Mahasamadhi. We also have connected with local food shelves to collect and provide non-perishable food items.

Please do sign up for a day of your choice and please do donate $101 online or through check. Please kindly mention "Saibaba Soup Kitchen" on your check donation.

Your donation of $101 will be used towards procuring items and preparing food as well as supporting food shelf.


Saibaba Soup Kitchen Signup

Pay Online


Pooja Signups

Devotees are invited to signup online for Pooja Services:

- Sri Sai Ashtothra on Thursdays: Weekly and Annual
- Sri Sai Satyavrata: Monthly and Annual
- Sri Sai Sahasranama Homam: Monthly and Annual
- Masa Sivaratri Sai Rudrabishekam: Monthly and Annual

Please do sign up for weekly, monthly or annual Poojas.

Pooja Services


Garland & Flower Offering

Devotees are invited to signup online for sponsoring fresh flower garlands and fresh rose bouquets for flower vases to be offered to Sri Saibaba on Thursdays and Sundays.

- Fresh Flower Garland sponsorship is $101 (2 maximum)
- Fresh Flower Vase sponsorship is $25 (2 maximum)
- Devotees can pay online OR by check payable to "Sri Saibaba Mandir" OR by cash/kiosk at the Mandir

Garland/Flower Signup

Pay Online

New Dress Offerings

Measurements for the large Baba moorthy in the main hall

Outerwear: 110 inches X 44 inches - Silk/Satin/Cotton

Shawl/Uparani: 70 inches X 40 inches – non-woolen, matching/contrasting with outerwear

Measurements for the small Baba moorthy in the Chavadi

Outerwear: 30 inches X 16 inches - Silk/Satin/Cotton

Shawl/Uparani: 21 inches X 4 inches – non-woolen, matching/contrasting with outerwear

Makut (Head Dress): 24 inches X 7 inches

Make sure edges are seamed.

Devotees can also donate $51 towards Sri Saibaba's clothes

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