Mandir Visitor Registration

Dear Sai devotees

With the recent announcement from the Governor, and considerable preparation to ensure the safety of the volunteers and visitors, the Mandir is able to provide public visiting hours to the community members.

Visiting days and hours are:

Online Registration

Online Registration is required every time you visit the Mandir. Please click the Register button at the bottom of the page after reading these detailed procedures for visiting the Mandir.

At the Mandir

Please kindly observe the following for everyone to have a safe and comfortable experience:

- Must wear a facemask during the visit.
- No offerings (cooked food, fruits, flowers) allowed. Please consider making a financial donation insted.
- Maintain social distancing at all times.
- Please keep your children with you.
- Please use the hand sanitizer provided in different areas after touching any surface.
- No prasad will be served.
- No touching the Padukas or the Deity.
- No singing or social interactions

General Guidelines

- Please kindly be willing to wait for admission if there's a need due to the space constraints as we need to observe social distancing.
- Kindly limit your stay to 15 minutes to ensure everyone gets an opportunity for visiting.
- If you're experiencing any symptoms of illness, please kindly stay home.
- Weather permitting, please leave the coats and footwear in your vehicles before entering the Mandir.
- No private services during these times. Please kindly send an email to for any private services.
- Kindly follow the instructions of the volunteers onsite as there could be changes or adjustments depending on the situation.

We thank you all for your understanding and support as we are experiencing these unprecedented times.
Our prayers to Baba for His grace on us to help everyone sail through and see the end of these times.

If you are able to join the volunteers to ensure a safe experience for all, please kindly email us at